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29.10.2015 18:31, Rich from Bristol E-mail :
Hi Chris, I was 11 when you played Mandela's 70th at Wembley. I had listened to DS a lot growing up as my dad was a fan. Like millions of others that night I sat glued to the TV and was blown away by the occasion. My strongest memory of that night is of you stealing the show, which, with the benefit of hindsight, was no mean feat. I remember re running the recording I made of your solo again and again on a Betamax video whilst trying to recreate it on a toy electric piano. After a while the tape was so worn that it eventually became unusable. Each note was and still is indelibly printed on my brain. As the years went by I often remembered the night as a treasured memory and though I couldn't find a recording would play your solo back in my head again and again. Eventually with the birth of YouTube etc I now have access to your performance once again. I know you touched a lot of people that night but I would argue that few more so than me. As I approach my 40th, I realise that there are few memories that I have that are so vivid and powerful and fill me with happiness. Thanks so much for the music and the memory Chris.

17.01.2015 01:34, REIS José from FRANCE E-mail :
Monsieur White.Inconditionnel de DIRE STRAITS ,je tenais a vous remercier pour l'immense plaisir que je ressens a l'écoute de vos solos dans la vidéo de On the night.J'ai 55 ans et j'aurai pu assister a un concert de cette tournée et je regrette souvent de ne pas l'avoir fait.Cette vidéo a la meilleure place dans mon monde musical grace a D.S. et grace a vous.Notament ce solo merveilleux de ROMEO AND JULIET que j'écoute en boucle pour tenter de percevoir toutes les subtilités de votre jeu.
Vous portez la technique du Saxophone au plus haut sommet et que dire de cette magnifique note tenue succédant a un déroulement de notes d'un phrasé aussi exceptionnel et envoutant.
Mr WHITE je vais aller écouter MARK KNOPFLER a PARIS en 2015 ,quel bonheur ce serait de vous y écouter. Pourriez vous me faire savoir si vous avez des projets de concerts en FRANCE.

Au plaisir de vous revoir sur scène avec Mark.

Monsieur CHRIS WHITE vous etes un merveilleux

10.09.2013 15:03, Kevin Roberts from Northumberland E-mail :
Hi Chris, From a fellow Lawrence Weston-er, same year, and a partcipant in the school group music photograph - you armed with your then violin, me with my recorder!
I wanted to say "Hi" and that I have followed your awesome career with great interest, and "Shadowdance" remains a favourite CD of mine. I wish you every continuing success and I will continure to follow your amazing career. And hey, what a tone you have - simply wonderful.
All the very best.

03.08.2013 13:01, John Kutzler from Wisconsin, USA E-mail :
I just caught the dire straits sultans youtube & That Saxophone MADE that song. The Tone was Excellent. Great Job!!!!

03.06.2012 06:10, Mauricio Arteta from LIMA PERU E-mail :
First of all I would like to thanks for your great music. I began hearing you almost 20 years ago, now I am 42. Some months ago I decided to began playing saxophone, therefore I invested in a Paul Mouriat Le Bravo 200 and a Guardiola MBII mouthpiece. My teacher is Paul Mouriat Ambassador Carlos Misajel and I almost finished playing Your Latest Trick and I will go forward your solo in Romeo and Juliet. I know you only have one tenor saxophone which is a Selmer Mark VI, however I would like the brand and type of your mouthpiece and reeds. Hoping to get and answer and one more time thanks for being my inspiration as amateur saxo player.

28.05.2012 04:46, Cassandra from Australia :
Hi Chris, I an not sure how this works or if you even look at this site but I'll have a stab at it. I have been reflecting on my life and am amazed that the worst and the best times in your life can simultaneously exists. This was the case for me in 1986. I wanted to thank you for the conversations we had at that time. They helped me through a tough time and led to me good times. You are one of the kindest and most caring people I have ever met and I thank you. A true gentleman.

20.04.2012 13:27, Nuno Miguel Barros from Portugal E-mail :
Hi Chris.
Just stopped by to say something that i feel i HAVE to say:
Among your amazing talent, there's a sax solo i will never forget: Romeo and Juliet when you toured with Dire Straits on the On the Night tour. Simply speechless! It sounds as it was not composed, it was found! The only completely right notes to put there...was you the composer of that amazing work of art ?

by the way, see this if u have a spare time: moore

30.03.2012 18:49, Caron Lewis :
Hi Chris You probably don't remember me I grew up in the house behind your mum and dad My mum was Carol Lewis formally Hill and my dad David Lewis Grandad Len Hill I used to spend a lot of time with your nieces Sarah and Claire How are you? Been many years My sister still lived in the Gastons up until a couple of years ago It's changed so much there which is a shame as it was so lovely in the 60s and 70s Do you ever hear from Sarah and Claire ? Been so long since I've seen them Be nice to hear from you cxxx Caron Lewis

23.11.2011 23:29, Denise D'Agostino (nee Morgan) from Bristol E-mail :
Hi Chris, you will not remember me I imagine but I was in same year as you at LW Comprehensive. Happy days & so much fun. Glad to see you are doing well as I have followed your career with much interest as a fellow school friend - well done you x

01.11.2011 00:00, fatima from holland/greece/ australia E-mail :
some how I am not in the same country as you are...I hope there comes a time I can come to a concert, I saw you once belgium in 1992......

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Entries: 101
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